Hosting for Local Authority websites

Parish Web&Host have created a managed hosting package just for Parish and Town Councils, so you can relax in the knowledge your in safe hands.

As a result, you get to enjoy trouble free hosting. Importantly, it provides you with the ability to manage the cost of owning a website, which for some, can be expensive. Keep reading and find out how Parish Web&Host offer an unbeatable service.

Free Unlimited Email!

Include in your annual hosting is unlimited Imap and webmail email accounts with 10Gb worth of data storage. You can also setup email forwarders. With the addition of Webmail you can login to your emails anywhere.

An additional 10gb can be purchased for £28pa

Parish Council websites run by Renewable-energy

Can we really make a difference?

Ask yourself,  are you really getting a solution without any strings attached? are you tied into lengthy contracts, are you having to pay for a lot of extras such as email accounts, importantly, how will this effect you annual website costs. In this page, you will learn we include all these  “extras” such as email accounts, extra space, free of charge.

Your new Hosting package includes; excellent Support, unlimited training and plenty of resources such as backups, malware protection and Free SSL certificates.

We are the first, offering Parish Councils a website solution with no strings. We understand after all, this is public money. So we help you help yourselves. We provide you with the best website hosting, the best support, and the best training, and even the training is unlimited!

Some FAQ’s.

Are you the cheapest WordPress host?

We are very competative, we may not be the cheapest? But ‘you get what you pay for, so beware of cheap WordPress hosting! We have created for local authorities the best technology platform for WordPress websites.

We offer more benefits than any other host, and all those features are included in the advertised price. You won’t be offered any of those costly ‘optional extras’ when you buy hosting from Parish Web&Host.

Do Parish Web&Host manage the Hosting for us?

Yes, you don’t need to do anything! As we manage everything for you.

What is Website hosting?

Website hosting provides you with a secure place to put your website and to manage your emails. It’s basically a computer server with a lot of software.

Where will my website be hosted?

Your website will be hosted in one of our data centres in the Midlands, UK. Public content from the site will be stored in servers around the world by our free CDN.

Your email is hosted on separate servers to the website, so that any problems or unexpected load from email doesn’t affect the performance of your site.

What Content Management will my website use?

Managed WordPress hosting, performance-tuned to make sites load up to 48 times faster. Features include: WordPress staging, automatic updates, plugin/theme monitoring, brute force login protection, timeline backups, code optimisation and our own exclusive StackCache speed plugin.

Why choose WordPress for your website?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). It’s user-friendly and performs well. It’s open source and easy to install and upgrade.

WordPress benefits from its popularity. As it has the world’s largest ecosystem, a huge number of themes and plugins make it extremely versatile. If you ever have a problem, there should always be someone out there who can help you. That’s why we have a dedicated hosting platform optimised for WordPress.

Wordpress hosting for Parish CouncilsWORDPRESS HOSTING FEATURES
  • Optimised for Desktop, Tablet and Phone
  • StackCache
  • Samsung SSD Webspace
  • Timeline Backups
  • Free Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Free Unlimited Mailboxes (IMAP)
  • Catch-all Address Support
  • Email Forwarders
  • Autoresponders
  • Webmail (Cloud Email)
Cloud Platforms for Parish Council websitesCLOUD PLATFORM
  • Automatic Malware Scans
  • 1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection
  • Website Password Manager
  • FTP Security Lock
  • Brute Force Login Protection
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Load Balanced and Redundant
  • Edge Caching for Speed
  • Global CDN
  • Website Acceleration Suite
Website security for Parish CouncilsSECURITY FEATURES
  • PHP Version Switcher: 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
  • Popular Modules (PDO, SOAP, MBString, Mcrypt, XML)
  • PHP Ioncube Loader

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