Proposal for Marchwood parish council

Dear Tina,

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal for your new website. We are thrilled to have the chance to work with Marchwood Parish Council and provide our expertise in creating your new online presence.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. At Parish Web & Host, we understand the importance of delivering a website that not only meets your specific requirements but also aligns with the values and objectives of the Parish Council.

We believe in building long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial, and our goal is to develop a website that serves your immediate needs and also supports your Parish Council’s future growth and objectives.

Our approach to website development encompasses cutting-edge technology and design with a focus on accessibility, security, and scalability. We understand the importance of maintaining transparency, adhering to industry best practices and following relevant regulatory guidelines. Rest assured, our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to create a website that meets the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Your Premium Hosting plan at a glance:

  • All Websites are hosted on our secure UK Servers.
  • Websites are scanned for malware every day.
  • Your website is backed up every day and has an Archive going back 60 days.
  • We provide a FREE SSL Security certificate*
  • Your website will automatically update itself.
  • You get Unlimited Storage.
  • Free Unlimited Email Accounts – each with a massive 10gb storage.
  • Webmail service.
  • FREE support.
  • FREE Training.

Improved and New features

  1. You get your own admin access.
  2. Add users to spread workload.
  3. You can update anything including Minutes & Agendas, pages, posts, events…
  4. News Section – to provide easy communication of local news.
  5. Calendar System – to present an easy to navigate list of all the upcoming events.
  6. Media Manager – Manage all your documents and images in one place.
  7. Creative Visual editor to enhance page design.
  8. Automatic software updates

When it comes to website development, navigation plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless user experience.

Our approach to navigation design revolves around simplicity and clarity. We carefully craft menus and graphical links that are intuitive and easy to understand, ensuring that users can quickly find the information they need. By organising content into logical categories and subcategories, we help users locate relevant pages and navigate through your website with ease.

We also prioritise accessibility in our navigation design. We adhere to web accessibility standards, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can navigate your website using assistive technologies. We implement proper heading structures, provide alternative text for graphical links, and ensure keyboard accessibility, allowing all users to access and interact with your website’s navigation elements.

To create better navigation, we employ techniques such as dropdown menus, breadcrumb navigation, and search functionality. Dropdown menus provide a hierarchical view of your website’s content, allowing users to explore different sections effortlessly.

Breadcrumb navigation helps users understand their current location within the website’s hierarchy and provides a convenient way to navigate back to previous pages. Additionally, our search functionality enables users to quickly find specific information by entering relevant keywords.

By implementing these strategies, we aim to enhance the overall user experience of your website. Our goal is to create a navigation system that is both visually appealing and functional, providing visitors with a smooth and intuitive journey through your website’s pages.

News section

We recommend the integration of a dynamic news/blog into your existing website, empowering your local community with up-to-date information.

Our solution will incorporate visually appealing images and engaging content, user-friendly navigation, and powerful search functionality, offering numerous benefits to your website and its users.

Visual Appeal: It is important that all your images are soured responsibly and that you have permission to use them. When we hand over your website, we provide a library of Royalty Free images, already optimised for the web. More images can be downloaded from 

Engaging Content: With just 4 steps to create a new post, content can be created quickly. From breaking news to local events, inspiring stories, and in-depth features, your news blog can cater to a wide range of interests. By providing valuable and relevant content, you’ll attract and retain more visitors, increasing website traffic and fostering a sense of belonging within your community.

User-Friendly Navigation: Navigating through a website should be effortless, and we will ensure that the news blog seamlessly integrates into your existing website structure. Our intuitive navigation system will enable users to explore articles, categories, and sections effortlessly. With easy-to-access menus and clear organisation, visitors will have a seamless browsing experience, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction.

Events Calendar & Booking system.

Adding events for your Village Hall, Sports & Clubs could not be easier.

The Modern Events Calendar is a great way to display all your events and if you wish to use it as a booking system then there’s the Pro version.

Modern Events Calendar, provides you with tons of features and options to create and manage your events.

Website Events Calendar for Parish Councils

Pricing Summary

Website creation £579


Data Migration*
FREE SSL Security Certificate*
Media Library Manager
Calendar System
Blog/News Section
Current pages (excluding any you don’t wish to migrate)
A new and agreed navigation and page structure

Website Hosting £225pa


Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Email Accounts
Malware security
Website Updates
Free Training
Free Support

Current Sitemap

Home page

Council – 9 pages

Community – 9 pages

Documents – 7 pages

News Section – 312 Posts

Contact us – Contact details – Map – Form

Email Service

Included in your annual hosting plan, we provide you with unlimited email accounts. Each email accounts comes with 10Gb of storage

Setup your email on any device, phone, tablet, laptop…

  • Free Unlimited Mailboxes (IMAP)
  • Catch-all Address Support
  • Email Forwarders
  • Autoresponders
  • Webmail (Cloud Email)

Data Migration

Depending on the access provided to your current site, these are the ways we can migrate your content.

  1. If we can gain admin access then we can export your current site and import it to your new one.
  2. failing this, if we can get FTP access then we can migrate your website entirely.
  3. If the above two methods are not available then it’s down to old fashioned copy and pasting – this is the most costly in terms of time.

Creating your new site we provide 2 days to create your site, and will do as much as we can in the time available. Any further work can be purchase at £35ph or £240per day, or just provide a budget. Alternatively, you can continue adding more content after your training.

* Free SSL Security certificates can be provided if you’re name servers are pointed to us. Alternatively we can provide them at just £84pa

Domain Management & Email

We can manage your website domain – domains are registered and renewed every two years, our charge is £240 for two years. Or you can manage the domain with any other provider you wish, this won’t effect the service we provide you. We can also discuss how your email service is currently managed. In most cases your email can easily migrate over.

Next steps

If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to ask as I’m sure you may have a few questions. It takes approximately 2 weeks to complete your new website so it’s always worth contacting your current provider to find out how much notice you need to provide them.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Mark Dolan – 07399417567