Step 1.

Create a new page.

See the screen shot for reference.

  1. Add the title HMQE Home
  2. Click on the “TEXT” tab on the top right of the content area
  3. Now paste in the following code into the text area: Add code (notepad) you can edit the text later.
  4. Underneath the text area in the page header option choose “hide page title”
  5. On the far right hand side of the page, in Sidebar options, choose “Disabled”
  6. Also on the far right, In the Page Paddings box type in 0 (zero) in the top and bottom fields.

Note: in keep the page Published (not private)

Step 2.

  1. Click on the Blue Backend Editor Button
  2. Now click on the edit pen for the top row. (see Diagram)
  3. When the Row Setting Box appears, Change the Row Stretch to Stretch Row, and choose Content position from Default to Middle.
  4. Now click on the Background Tab change the Background Style to Single Colour and change the Colour to black – (See diagram)

You have now finished.

To make it live, go the dashboard, click on Settings, the Reading, change the home page to the new page you have created, and click on Save.